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"The return of Gorillaz"

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If someone tells you to listen to a song, listen to it.  It may be the worst song you have ever heard but they wanted to share it with you.  That is really special.  If it makes them feel a certain way and they are so adamant about you hearing it, take 5 minutes to hear it.  It shows a lot about someone.  

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The Jam,
The Gift


Town Called Malice by The Jam

Better stop dreaming of the quiet life
Cause it’s the one we’ll never know
And quit running for that runaway bus
Cause those rosy days are few
And stop apologizing for the things you’ve never done
Cause time is short and life is cruel
But it’s up to us to change
This town called Malice

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Courtesy of damonalbarn facebook.


Courtesy of damonalbarn facebook.

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just ordered these funky vegan glosses from FierceMagenta  

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ignore your responsibilites and fantasize about older men

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In response to everything.

will never stop reblogging

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