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He should come with a health warning.

He should come with a health warning.

Gramon forever.

Gramon forever.


"I go home and cry and write a song about it."

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taken from the original written lyrics to “here comes the sun”

omg how precious

this makes me so happy

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"Hyper Orchid," photographed by Amanda Camenisch for Vision China May 2014

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The Child of Lov X Damon Albarn - One Day

damon’s voice + this video = OMFG

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This fucking video is so bad I love it.

Alex: Let me stare awkwardly at this eagle.

Dave: Let me stare awkwardly at the camera.

Graham: Let me stare awkwardly at the world until the pop industry bursts into flames.

Damon: Go ahead, guys, I’m gonna do that praying hands/look at the sky thing I always do.

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